“For the first time in history, FIVE GENERATIONS are working side-by-side in the workplace. Their differences can create strength and creativity, or become a source of stifling stress and unrelenting conflict.” JoAnne Marlow

When values, ambitions, and mindsets collide, the impact on your business can be devastating. More often than not, the conflict is going on behind your back. In many cases, managers and CEO’s aren’t even aware of the huge costs their business incurs due to high turnover, an unengaged, unproductive culture, or a lack of communication between the decades.

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Systems for Engaging Teams educates and assists managers and leaders tackle the challenges that inevitably arise when teams and people from different generations work together. Sadly, most organizations don’t often have conversations that connect people. Our team offers you the information and guidance you need to optimize your cross-generational employee’s strengths and productivity to access their potential and achieve outstanding results.

With our unique training and coaching methods, we take pride in our clients’ results in motivating and engaging their employees for high efficiency and effectiveness. Their staff demonstrates respectful and open communication, mentoring each other to learn and problem solve. You’ll see the results in your bottom line, where you make more money and your organization runs like a well-oiled machine.

Most organizations receive the training, the “rah-rah”, and then…nothing. We partner with you and CARE about your successful changes. So, we train, present, consult, or coach, and follow-up to assist in your progress to ensure that the actions you take on fit your goals. Your successful changes reflect our dedication and partnership with you.