Over 6% of your business income is spent on talent replacement

One of the biggest reasons small businesses fail is they don’t have a clear vision or core values

61% of employees say their bosses don’t value them

74% of hiring mistakes are due to poor job description or hiring too soon

JoAnne Marlow, Employee Retention Expert

Core Values and Actualizing Your Vision Yield Higher Productivity and Team Engagement.

Simply put, the more engaged your employees are, the higher the output in your company. A shared purpose drives engagement. Conversely, disengaged employees can cost a company upwards of 35% or more of their annual salary due to lack of productivity, drain on other resources, attendance issues, and worse, losing your best talent and trying to replace them.

Systems for Engaging Teams specializes in exactly that – systems for engaging teams. The world economy has been faced with unexpected trauma this year and change is inevitable. JoAnne Marlow, Founder and Principal, works with leaders to determine the core issue why they are losing money due to increased turnover, lower productivity, or disengagement. Perhaps now is time to re-evaluate your business’s purpose.

By working with me at Systems for Engaging Teams, you will see a significant change in your bottom line as your teams will feel valued and purposeful which leads to higher productivity, and happier employees.

Download: 7 Secrets Why Your Best Employees Leave and what you can do about it – especially now.

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