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Training and tailored programs are offered to leaders, managers and their employees to create or increase a culture of enthusiasm, personal growth, and dedication to your organization’s vision and values. We know how much it costs when you lose your best talent, endure low productivity or tolerate a culture that is not in sync.

The most successful organizations clearly know whom they want to attract and recruit. They retain the best people by offering training, professional development, effective team building, and motivation for high performance. Systems for Engaging Teams is your partner in creating an environment for high performance for every generation in your organization.


We offer stand-alone or series training on the following topics:


High performance is no longer an option in today’s business arena. Change is rapid and organizations need an approach that enables them to respond to the increasing demands for high performance and at the same time look after your most precious resource – the people in your organizations.

Through individual or small group coaching, our Board Certified Coaches can enable teams and individuals to be creative, skilled and internally motivated to achieve results faster than doing it on their own. High-performance coaching may also involve working with other teams within your organization – collaborating with other colleagues, managers and leaders to make the workplace a high-performance organization, one that helps everyone to perform at their potential.

Coaching is often confused with Consulting. They are vastly different. Consultants are experts or advisors who assist clients to either develop a particular skill or trade or receive advice on how to grow a company. Consultants take on more of a guiding or advising roll and the clients do the work to achieve results.

Coaching is taking people step-by-step through a process and working along side with them to help them achieve their goals. It is very personalized and it is the client who chooses how they want to achieve their goals and what actions to take. The Coach holds them accountable by using thoughtfulness, options, and motivation.

Our Coaching Programs are Created to Suit Your Needs:

Jump Start – One-on-one coaching over three months that addresses any barriers or challenges that the individual is facing. This program provides weekly hour-long sessions and includes multiple emails to fast track change for the individual.

VIP Coaching – One-on-one coaching over a six-month period, for three one-hour sessions per month and limitless emails. NLP sessions can be used to fast track barrier breakthroughs.

VIP Day – One day where your team of four to six people resolve issues through intense coaching and problem solving systems.