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Deloitte (2016) research shows that culture, engagement and employee retention are now the top talent challenges facing business leaders. More than half of business leaders rate this issue as “urgent” – up from only around 20 % in 2015.


The Generation Advantage – Engage The GapTM series is made up of four valuable and interactive training programs suitable for managers (and employees) of small to large organizations.

You may enroll in the first course as a stand-alone introduction, or bundle it with other choices from the other three training programs. The first course is a prerequisite for all other courses.

Tailored programs and group programs can be offered at a special price.

The Series is comprised of Four Training Workshops:

  • 7 Ways To Bridge The Generation Gap In The Workplace
    This eye-opening training session takes the guesswork out of working across the generations and offers tactical advice to best work with your multi-generational team.In this unforgettable interactive training session, the group brainstorms the key differences between the generations and the defining moments that rocked their world and shaped them. This course provides participants with education and practical ideas to implement and practice immediately to help bridge the gap between all generations. This is a pre-requisite course to all others below. 
  • ‘Hire Power’ – Five Critical Steps In Recruiting And Retaining The Right People
    Hiring the best talent for each individual position takes preparation and flexibility, especially when one is hiring from a multi-generational group of potential employees. Your organization’s leaders must take the right steps to attract well qualified candidates, bring out the best in every employee, and create an environment that lowers anxiety, boosts morale and increases productivity.This interactive training program will explore and cover the five critical steps required to find the right candidate for a job in your company and the steps needed to keep your best talent.
  • Dialogue Between The Decades  – Intergenerational Communication 
    Creating a meaningful two-way dialogue, let alone talking to many – all of different generations– is not as easy as you would think. In fact, poor communication is one of the biggest complaints of most members of an organization. Most managerial work happens through talking – discussions, meetings, presentations, training. And it is through dialogue that managers evaluate others and are themselves, judged. Learning and practicing effective communication skills will help to eliminate the possible friction that may happen in your organization’s culture. In this highly interactive training program, you will learn to create positive inter-generational dialogue and open up unlimited possibilities.
  • “Death By Meetings” No More! How to Create Effective, Efficient Meetings with Highly Engaged Multiple Generations
    Today we live in the paradox that meetings are the most important tools for working together and yet they can be the most unproductive and expensive strategy we use. With this comprehensive and interactive training, you will leave with a range of straightforward skills so that you can manage any meeting smartly and efficiently. You’ll not only shave off hours of wasted time with your team, potentially saving you thousands of dollars for each meeting, but you’ll encourage genuine contribution, creatively, inclusion, and possibilities, rather than limitations.

Current research shows that over 8 out of 10 people are unhappy in their job. Are you one of the organizations that believe that a “one size fits all” way to manage people is still the way to go?

If so, the result can be that your people are stressed, or frustrated, leading to low productivity and trust. Can you afford to tolerate a poor culture in your organization?

How many people in YOUR organization can truthfully say, “I love my job”?


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“I can’t tell you how many times your talk about the 7 Steps to Bridge the Workplace Generation Gap has come to my mind as I have been going through some Millennial staffing issues. I have now hired a woman in her late 40’s, and another who’s 68… and LOVING the choices I’ve made!! I really thought I was going crazy until you gave your talk.”

Dr. Donna Little, DC

Baby Boomer

“I enjoyed the Dialogue Between the Decades workshop you gave to EC and DFO employees yesterday.  Your energy and enthusiasm were as refreshing as your insights on intergenerational conflict.  I’m currently studying Conflict resolution for my work, and found great synergy between your curriculum and my studies/work, so am looking forward to applying the valuable lessons learned from your workshop.” 

Shelley S.

Senior Litigation Research Officer, Gov’t of Canada