Length: 6.5 hours – One day


This eye-opening training session takes the guesswork out of working across the generations and offers tactical advice to best work with your multi-generational team.

Each generation comes with different assets that can help your team thrive, if you know how to unlock that potential. Understanding generational differences is critical to making your organization run like a well-oiled machine. Knowing these differences, and taking the right action creates harmony, mutual respect, and joint effort. It helps eliminate suspicion, mistrust, and isolation that are often being experienced today. Leaders will be able to leverage the unique perspectives of each generation to increase business. With employee engagement at the forefront of every business, understanding how to work with each generation is integral to engaging and retaining every employee. The CULTURE of your organization will improve and generate a happy work environment.

In this unforgettable interactive training session, the group brainstorms the key differences between the generations and the defining moments that rocked their world and shaped them. This course provides participants with ideas and advice to implement and practice immediately to help bridge the gap between all generations.

Participants leave this workshop with the ability to:

  • Understand the historical and societal trends that shaped each generation
  • Discover how those differences manifest in the workplace and what you need to know to be most effective in a multi-generational workforce
  • Learn the consequences of not being flexible with the different learning and behaviour styles of each generation
  • Recognize the strengths of each generation and how to maximize those assets
  • You’ll discover the six common motivators for harmony in the workplace
  • Practice meaningful communication methods for all generations
  • Identify and use practical tools to create a better engaged culture


This program is ideal for managers and leaders who employ multi-generational workers (ages (17- 75+), and who are open to creating a culture that is flexible, respectful, and engaged. All generations that shape teams, departments and problem solving groups would benefit. For many organizations, large or small, this is a suitable course for all employees (or volunteers) to take, as the information is invaluable for developing a respectful and engaged culture. Employees and managers who serve a multi-generational client base would also benefit from this course.


Time Allotted: One-Day     6.5 hours of instruction
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (with 60 minutes for breaks)

Course Content:

Each participant will be given downloadable notes, and outline of the differences between the generations as well as notes on the six common motivators for all generations in the workplace.

Module One: Overview of Training Program and Outcomes – 30 Min.

Module Two: Radical Changes in the Workplace – 60 min

  • How can our new world of technology, globalism, cultures, and five generations work well together
  • Statistics on age groups and change
  • Radical Factors that impact the future of work

Module Three: Generational Advantages and Differences – 90 Min.

  • What makes each of the multi-generations think and act differently?
  • Preferences for management styles, work ethics
  • Preferences for communication, learning
  • What is common between the generations

Module Four: Developing Rapport With Colleagues and Your Boss – 90 Min.

  • Benefits of creating rapport
  • Building Rapport is a learned skill
  • Breaking Rapport is a deal-breaker

Module Five: 7 Ways To Bridge the Workplace Generation Gap – 120 Min.

  • What does everyone want? What common threads run through each generation?
  • How to make it happen and apply immediately
  • Discover the ways you will implement what you’ve learned

Delivery Method:

Instructor-lead; in-person instruction. This is an interactive, activity-based course, so come prepared to participate, listen, learn and take notes for immediate application in your workplace.


Participants are assessed on their attendance and active participation in the class discussion, which should solidify their comprehension of the material covered. A certificate of completion is given to each participant who meets the assessment satisfactorily.


10-45 participants.

If your organization wishes to have a larger or private group at one time, please contact the instructor for a private arrangement.

Available Dates:

Choose any one of the following dates in 2017

Spring Intake:
June 29
June 30

Summer Intake:
July 4
July 5
August 2
August 3
September 18
September 19
September 20

*Individual Organizations may arrange a separate date with the trainer.


To be determined.

For organizations that wish to have an entire team trained, you may prefer to use your location and date, if suitable.


Cost Per Person: $697.00 + (GST $34.85) = $731.85