Pre-requisite: 7 Ways To Bridge The Generation Gap In The Workplace
Length: 6.5 hours – One day


Hiring the best talent for each individual position takes preparation and flexibility, especially when one is hiring from a multi-generational group of potential employees. Your organization’s leaders must take the right steps to attract well qualified candidates, bring out the best in every employee, and create an environment that lowers anxiety, boosts morale and increases productivity.

This interactive training program will explore and cover the five critical steps required to find the right candidate for a job in your company and the steps needed to keep your best talent. As well, each participant will create a Career Development Map template for the positions that are required in the next four months.

Participants leave this workshop with the ability to:

  • Understand the differences between the generations and how that affects the interview process
  • Understand the five critical steps in hiring the right talent for each position and keeping them
  • Determine the importance of company values and how that fits with choosing the best talent
  • Recognize how flexibility plays a critical role in choosing the right talent for the company and position.
  • Create a list of interview questions that will pull out the information needed to make an informed decision on hiring your new recruits
  • Create a plan of action for new employees, their orientation to the organization, and a map of career development for their growth with the company.


Managers, owners, program directors and HR specialists would find this training current, innovative, and useful for an organization of any size where recruiting and retaining the best talent is desired.


Two – 6.5 hour Instructional days – Eight modules
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (with 60 minutes for breaks)

Course Content:

Day One

Module One: Overview of Training Program and Outcomes – 30 Min.

Module Two: Review of Generational Differences – 45 Min.

  • Interactive discussion of interview dynamics, based on generation preferences

Module Three: Five Critical Steps in Hiring and Retaining New Talent – 105 Min.

  • Interactive activity to determine what has worked in the past for the participants
  • The Five Critical Steps

Module Four: Planning for the Interview – 90 Min.

  • Determining who you need to consult
  • Knowing the position, job details, qualifying criteria
  • Prepare the questions
  • Flexibility questions

Module Five: Finding the Common Denominators – 120 Min.

  • Are they aligned with the organization’s goals and values
  • “Who are you really looking for” checklist
  • What questions do you ask to determine the fit?

Day Two

Module Six: Hiring Stars – 120 Min.

  • Gaining knowledge and determining who do you need to talk to?
  • Attitude can’t be taught, is expected
  • Creating flexible questions that get results
  • Interactive interview activity

Module Seven: Building Relationships Through Rapport – 120 Min.

  • Why is Rapport important in the interview and beyond
  • Practicing Rapport (Interactive)
  • The downfalls of breaking rapport
  • The power of curiosity, listening, inspiring and mentoring

Module Eight: Keeping the Best Talent – 150 Min.

  • Setting Boundaries for high performers
  • Orientation Day preparation
  • Designing a Career Map for employee development

Distribution of Certificates

Delivery Method:

Instructor-lead; in-person instruction. This is an interactive, activity-based course, so come prepared to participate, listen, learn and take notes for immediate application in your workplace.


Participants are assessed on their attendance and active participation in the class discussion, which should solidify their comprehension of the material covered. A certificate of completion is given to each participant who meets the assessment satisfactorily.


10 – 30 participants. If your organization wishes to have a larger (or private) group at one time, please contact the instructor for a private arrangement.

Available Dates:

Organizations who wish their entire team(s) to be trained can arrange for other convenient dates with the Trainer.

Spring Intake:
June 14 & June 19
June 15 & June 20

Summer Intake:
July 13 & July 17
July 14 &  July 18
August 23 & August 24
September 6 & September 28
September 8 & September 29

*Individual Organizations may arrange a separate date with the trainer.


To be determined. For organizations that wish to have a team trained, you may prefer to use your location.


Two-Course Series includes:

  • 7 Steps to Bridging the Workplace Generation Gap ($697)
  • Hire Power ($2,091)

Save $444 on this Bundle: $1647 (+ $82.35 GST) = $1,729.35*

*Cost Per Person.